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Congrats on your vintage card find.


You have an older version of our business card, tied to a product we produced very successfully for a number of years. This is cool because it is a sign of humble beginnings for MinnowTrap.

A play on words and a promise to a friend led to DIJAY SINGH but it ended up being a very profitable side project (product) created by minnowtrapmedia.


I used it as a way to not be broke in college, make some side $$$ and help out a number of friends on a very special day for them. I was a DJ, I played music, set up lighting, A/V. I did it all, managed vendor relations, managed employees, managed budget, worked with clients directly and more. This expanded my experiential design knowledge as each couple was unique in their sound, vibe, and more. 

2019 was a tough year for DIJAY SINGH due to the pandemic and it was officially shut down. 

It was a milestone in our growth as we changed our name, established a formal LLC fully developed our brand - your card features the a self portrait of me, I repurposed the image from an application to a big fancy design firm. I didn't get the job. 

Projects like this helped me to grow as a leader and designer in many ways. It kept me from going full digital. Experiences turn into memories if they have enough heart behind them. It is why Minnowtrap.Design isn't just a digital agency - we are analog as well. 

Minnowtrap.Design is a passion of mine and a formalization and growth I wanted to experience. I appreciate your support. 

Let's connect soon.

- Jasvir

Feel free to check out my portfolio or work with me at below.

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