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To use our diverse skills and experiences to create economic opportunities through education, empowerment ,and enrichment within the communities we serve.


  • Work/Life Balance

  • Community

  • Authenticity

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

  • Experiences

  • Honesty

  • Self-Care

  • Learning

  • Play

  • Design


  • We want MinnowTrap to be a trusted and valued resource for our community when it comes to digital and analog experiences. We want to help people and organizations achieve their needs and wants through utilization of design processes. 

  • We want to be supportive and active in our community with community activities and events.

  • We want to be supported through our communities to help us grow and gain capital to give back more. 


  • MinnowTrap is a design, development, production and consulting company. 

  • When not engaging with client businesses, MinnowTrap will create brands, media, products and technology and educational material to help create additional revenue streams.

  • If an opportunity arises where a person/entity would like to purchase a brand incubated through MinnowTrap; that asset can be sold. We also hold some of these products and mechanisms to raise capital, take on new clients and add to the workforce. 

  • We also gladly accept donations and support as this is a self fund raising company.

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