Our Mission:

  • We provide our clients with creative solutions and partner with them to achieve their goals. 



  • We want to help partner creative solutions. 

  • We want to help local organizations grow. 

  • We want to foster community. 

  • We want to be eco-friendly.

  • We want to help others achieve their goals. 


Minnow Trap Media is a Design Thinking & Human Centered Design studio that focuses on multimedia design and production.


We specialize in: 

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography Touch-ups

  • File Conversion

  • Document Design

  • Event Media Design (Sound/Lights/Display)

  • Survey Design

  • Industrial and Product Design

  • Data Visualization

  • Web and Application Design

  • Ux Design

  • Video Production/Design

  • Communication Design

  • Social Media Design

  • Communication Design

  • Marketing Design/Development

  • Marketing/Advertising Strategy (Print/Audio/Video/Social)

  • Small Business Design/Analysis

  • UI Design



​Who is Minnow Trap Media?